How to Win a Xbox From Taco Bell

How to Win a Xbox From Taco Bell Condiments

You can win an Xbox by entering a contest sponsored by Microsoft and Taco Bell. All you need to do is buy a boxed promotional meal for $5 or more, and you’re entered. However, some contests have rules different from others, so read them before joining.


Taco Bell is teaming up with Microsoft to offer fans a chance to win an Xbox Series X. The contest is simple: purchase a medium or large fountain drink and text the code printed on the cup. The more entries you make, the better your chances of winning are.

To be eligible for the contest, customers must either dine in a Taco Bell restaurant or place an order for delivery. When ordering takeaway, choose the option of “takeaway.” Upon completion, the system will notify winners each week. During the promotion, there will be 17 winners every week. The Xbox Series S will also come with a 12-month gaming pass. Additionally, the contest will give away 200 PC gaming passes each week. Using your phone or tablet when ordering food from Taco Bell will significantly increase your chances of winning.

Once the winner has claimed the prize, they will receive a confirmation email. Then, they can play the new Xbox games on their system. Taco Bell also has plans to release more first-party titles in the future. In addition to Taco Bell’s exclusive games, this contest also gives away complete limited edition consoles and redesigned controllers.

Fortunately for fans of the company, Taco Bell has been offering an Xbox giveaway since 2016, and the latest edition will be released weeks before the console is released. Entering is free; customers can enter through mobile apps or in-restaurant purchases. Customers will be given a code on their cups that will provide them with a chance to win one of these new gaming consoles.

The new Xbox Series X video game console will be hard to get, especially with prices starting at $499. Luckily, Taco Bell partnered with Microsoft to offer lucky winners free copies of the console. The Xbox Series S is more affordable but lacks Blu-ray Disc compatibility.

Taco Bell

If you love Xbox games and are looking for a way to win one, Taco Bell offers you a free chance to win an Xbox Series X bundle. You can enter to win a free Xbox by purchasing a drink at a participating Taco Bell location or on the app. Each glass comes with a code to enter for a chance to win.

To enter, purchase a medium or large fountain drink and text the code to 86555. The contest will run from April 4 to May 1 and announce the winners on Thursdays. Check out the official terms and conditions for more details on this giveaway. The chances of winning an Xbox are high if you purchase a soft drink.

You can even enter the competition to win a Platinum console. You can win a limited edition console, a redesigned controller, and six months of Xbox Game Pass. You will also be able to redeem a code that appears on every box. The competition is open to US residents 18 and older.

To qualify for the contest, you must be a Taco Bell rewards program member. This will provide you with early access to the giveaway. To join, you must sign up by September 13, choose to receive emails, and opt-in to receive notifications via SMS. Once you opt-in, you can enter each day. Then, on September 24, you will receive an entry code. This code can be used for a medium or large drink at a Taco Bell outlet. On the 24th, every fifteen minutes, a winner will be selected for the bundle.

The prize package includes the following:

  • A new Xbox Series X console.
  • A wireless controller.
  • A six-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

The bundle is available before the November 10 launch date. You can also enjoy exclusive member deals and free Taco Bell wine. You’ll get your hands on an Xbox Series X bundle with a Taco Bell wireless controller if you’re lucky.

Contest rules

Following these simple contest rules, you can win an Xbox 360 from Taco Bell. The contest runs from October 18 to November 21. To win, you must purchase a $5 box, which includes a double chalupa and a game code. You will then have to text the code to the phone number on the receipt to claim your prize. If you win, you will be notified instantly by text.

You must be at least 21 years of age to enter the contest. To be eligible, you must live in Canada or Quebec. During the game, you must have a valid email address. You can enter once per day. Check the contest details and conditions and only enter one location.

You must be a customer of Taco Bell to enter the contest. If you’re a new customer, you must be at least 21. Taco Bell offers customers a chance to win an Xbox Series X bundle. The Xbox Series X is the most powerful console in gaming history. It is expected to launch on November 10.

The prizes include:

  • A platinum-colored Xbox One X.
  • A limited-edition Xbox Elite wireless controller.
  • Three months of Xbox Game Pass.
  • Xbox Live Gold.

The winner will receive their prize within 72 hours of winning the contest. Those who win the competition will also receive the ‘bong’ sound associated with Taco Bell.

If you are a loyal customer of Taco Bell, you can sign up for its loyalty program to win an Xbox. You can sign up by downloading the Taco Bell Rewards Beta app and joining the Taco Bell Rewards program by September 13. This program is available for customers who sign up for the company’s email newsletter. There are also daily drawings from September 15 to 21 for the Xbox.

Ways to enter

There are several ways to enter the Taco Bell Xbox contest. One of the best ways to win an Xbox is to buy a soft drink or a meal at a participating Taco Bell restaurant. You can also text the code 72823 to enter the contest. But you must enter before October 8, 2016.

The Taco Bell Xbox 360 contest will run from October 18 through November 21. There will be a random draw every ten minutes, and up to 5,000 Xbox 360s are available. Each person can submit a maximum of 32 entries. You can send multiple requests if you have more than one email address.

Using the Taco Bell app is one of the ways to enter the Xbox giveaway. If you’re a regular customer, you can download the app and sign up for the beta rewards program by September 13. In addition, you can also receive a code on your drink cup with the code to enter the bundle drawing. This code can be entered as many times as you wish, and you can enter up to three times a day.

Xbox and Taco Bell have teamed up for the fourth consecutive year to give away Xbox series X consoles. In addition to offering a physical prize to lucky winners, the promotion also features an Xbox game giveaway through a digital rewards program. Customers can join the Taco Bell Rewards program during the beta program, which runs from September 13 through September 21.

One way to enter the Xbox giveaway is by buying an Xbox One X bundle at a participating Taco Bell. A platinum-colored Xbox One X console, an Xbox Elite wireless controller, three months of Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Live Gold are included in the prize package. The winner will receive the new console within 72 hours of winning the contest.

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