How Many Calories Are in a Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell?

How Many Calories Are in a Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell? Ingredients

A typical Taco Bell Mexican pizza has 530 to 550 calories. Its fat content is 49.1%, while carbohydrates make up 35.6% of the meal. Protein makes up 15.3% of the meal. However, Mexican pizza does not contain any other vitamins or minerals. The ingredients’ Percent Daily Values are based on the recommended 2,000-calorie diet, so the number of calories your body needs may vary. You should also consider your age, gender, physical activity, and metabolism.

530 to 550 calories

A Mexican pizza from Taco Bell has 530 to 550 calories, with 220 calories from fat. The pizza also contains 1660 mg of sodium and 54 grams of carbohydrates. However, Taco Bell does not provide nutritional information on its Mexican pizza menu.

The Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell is a fan favorite. The dish contains seasoned ground beef, refried beans, cheddar cheese, and red onions. This meal has about 530 to 550 calories, making it an average meal. While it is not a healthy food, it is not bad for you. It contains high amounts of fat and carbohydrates, as well as traces of protein.

The Mexican Pizza was initially advertised as a healthy midnight snack. It included ground beef, tomatoes, green onions, black olives, and two cheese blends. This type of pizza is high in fat, but it is easy to load it with healthy toppings and eat it as a snack or a light meal. The pizza can also be cut into wedges for easy snacking. Cristina, a nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition, shares her recipe for the Mexican pizza.

A Taco Bell Mexican pizza has between 530 and 550 calories. One Mexican pizza contains 19 grams of protein and 450 milligrams of calcium. It also includes three milligrams of iron.

19 grams of protein

The Mexican pizza from Taco Bell is a popular fast food option and has recently started offering healthier options. It contains about 530 calories, 19 grams of protein, and 49 grams of carbohydrates, with only a few grams of sugar. Because of its high fat and calorie content, it is not ideal for dieters. However, the pizza’s 19 grams of protein make it an excellent choice for muscle-seeking people.

The Taco Bell Quesadilla contains 470 calories, 19 grams of protein, and 450 milligrams of calcium. It also has no alcohol and only 3 grams of iron. It’s easy to see how a Mexican pizza can be a healthy choice for those trying to lose weight or build muscle.

While the taco bell pizza’s protein content may not be the most impressive, it is still a healthy choice for many people. Its high protein content will provide the needed protein to keep you full for several hours. For a small cost, you can make your Mexican pizza at home. Check the nutrition facts and calories carefully before going to a Taco Bell to order one!

The nutritional value of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza varies depending on the type of toppings you order. The Mexican pizza has refried beans, beef, and cheese and is usually considered healthier than the Chicken Quesadilla. The Chicken Quesadilla, on the other hand, has flour tortillas and can be higher in fat and calories.

29 grams of fat

After years of being unavailable, Taco Bell has brought Mexican Pizza for a limited time. After removing it from the menu, customers have shown that they want it again. One restaurant in Roseville, California, sold over 1,000 Mexican Pizzas in one day. Currently, some Taco Bell locations have Mexican Pizza on their menus, and you can order one online in advance. It will be available for a limited time in the US, but it will be available worldwide starting on September 15, 2022.

The traditional Mexican pizza contains about 530 calories and 29 grams of fat. However, newer varieties offer less fat and more protein than conventional pizzas. These pizzas also have fewer carbs. Despite these positive changes, Mexican pizzas are still not the healthiest choice for dieters. However, people who want to put on some muscle will benefit from these pizzas containing 19 grams of protein.

If you are looking for a low-calorie Mexican pizza, you should avoid nacho cheese, sour cream, and other heavy toppings. Instead, choose a “Fresco style” without cheese and salsa. This will save you a ton of calories. And you’ll still get a tasty meal without the high-fat ingredients.

Add lettuce to your order if you’re looking for a low-fat, low-calorie Mexican pizza. You can also include tomatoes and onions. To avoid carbs, you can also choose a keto-friendly option. Taco Bell has many healthy choices for those on a diet. Additionally, some of their menu items are gluten-free. It’s best to check with your doctor before ordering gluten-free food.

Dolly Parton’s reaction

Dolly Parton is ecstatic that the Mexican Pizza is returning to Taco Bell. She recently shared a video on Instagram where she gushed over the new menu item. “I’ve been missing this, too,” she said.

Dolly Parton is a self-proclaimed Taco Bell connoisseur. She’s joined the fans begging the fast-food chain to bring back the Mexican Pizza, which was on its menu until November 2020. It’s still determined how many songs she’ll perform in the show.

In April 2018, Taco Bell partnered with a lineup of musicians for a “musical” centered around Mexican pizza. Dolly Parton revealed she would appear in the show, along with Doja Cat. Parton also shared the secret script for the show.

The new musical, Mexican Pizza: The Musical, will premiere on TikTok on September 15 at 8 pm ET. It was initially scheduled to premiere in May but was delayed due to scheduling conflicts. The jingle, which features Doja Cat, inspired the project.

Customizable options

Customizable options for how many calories are in a Mexican pizza at Taco Bell are available on the company’s website. The average pizza contains 410 calories, but you can get a lighter version by leaving out the cheese and extra beef. Add toppings like black beans, jalapeno peppers, and seasoned rice.


Taco Bell initially discontinued the Mexican Pizza, but the chain announced it would return to its menu in August. On August 2, it will be available again on the regular menu, but it will be reintroduced permanently on September 15. If you’d like to try this new Mexican pizza, here are a few tips to make it at home.

First, you’ll need taco meat. This can be ground beef, turkey, or chicken. It should be crumbled and served in small chunks. If you’d prefer a vegetarian Mexican Pizza, you can omit the meat and use refried beans, which add a savory, salty element to the pizza. You can make the sauce yourself using your favorite pizza sauce or salsa.

You can also choose what you’d like on top of the Mexican pizza. Initially, it was topped with black olives and green onion. Nowadays, it’s topped with diced tomatoes. Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is available in different flavors and toppings so you can customize it to your liking.

Another option is to buy the taco pizza sauce made using the Taco Bell seasoning mix. It’s available in many grocery stores. You can also buy the taco seasoning mix for taco pizza from the chain’s online store. There are also a variety of other sauces and seasoning mixes available for your kitchen.

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