How Hot Is Taco Bell Diablo Sauce?

How Hot Is Taco Bell Diablo Sauce? Ingredients

Taco Bell’s Diablo sauce isn’t boiling. That is, it’s not the same as a proper hot sauce, such as Flashbang. Its Scoville unit is one of many factors to consider, as the flavor and ingredients are also important.

Scoville unit

Taco Bell’s new Diablo Sauce is so hot it has a Scoville unit. This sauce’s hot peppers and spices are expertly blended to create a unique taste and spice level. This sauce has a low sodium content, but the spiciness is not the primary concern. In addition to flavor, this sauce has very few calories. A single tablespoon has 0 grams of fat, no carbohydrates, and 45 milligrams of sodium.

The Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world. Its Scoville heat level is over two million. However, it must be paired with sweet foods for the best results. This is why most people don’t like it on desserts, but it works wonders on tacos and burgers.

Taco Bell has ten different hot sauces on its menu. Six are Scoville-rated, while the remaining two have low Scoville levels. Despite their lower Scoville units, Taco Bell offers hot sauces for all taste buds. Besides Diablo, the company also sells Taco Bell Fire Sauce. This hot sauce has a low-calorie count and contains some chili pepper spice.

The Diablo Sauce has a Scoville unit of 2.2, which makes it the spiciest of all Taco Bell sauces. Previously, Taco Bell only offered this hot sauce on special occasions like Cinco de Mayo. However, after the company heard its customers’ overwhelming response, it decided to reintroduce Diablo sauce to its menu. As a result, it has become one of the most popular spicy sauces at Taco Bell.


Taco Bell diablo sauce is a spicy sauce made with tomato paste, chilies, and warm spices. It also contains vinegar, sugar, and chipotle peppers. The flavor and heat of this sauce are similar to that of the original. The sauce can be used on any taco or other dishes.

Diablo sauce is one of Taco Bell’s most popular sauces and has just the right amount of spice and flavor. It pairs well with tacos and tastes great over rice or pasta. You can make it mild or spicy by omitting the cayenne pepper or adding hot diced tomatoes.

To make this sauce, first, chop all of the ingredients. Then blend them. You can add additional jalapenos for a hotter sauce, but it’s best to drain them before using them. Alternatively, you can use pickled jalapenos. Use fewer jalapenos if you’re making a milder version of Diablo sauce. You can also make it up to a day ahead and store it in the refrigerator.

Another excellent taco sauce that combines the best flavors is Taco Bell Fire Sauce. Before Diablo, Taco Bell Fire Sauce was the hottest sauce on the market. It is about the same spice level as Diablo but has more flavor and kick. It is a jalapeno pepper-based pepper sauce and is a safe choice for most people.


Taco Bell Diablo sauce is a spicy sauce perfect for adding a fiery kick to your food. This versatile condiment goes well with a wide range of foods and has the perfect balance of flavor and spice. It can be used as a side sauce for Mexican food and goes great with rice and pasta. If you want to make the sauce spicier, you can add a little cayenne pepper to it. For a milder version, omit the pepper. Add hot diced tomatoes to the mix if you want a more sizzling sauce.

Diablo sauce is made with different peppers, including aji panca, jalapeno, and chipotle. There are better options than this hot sauce for those who can handle spicy food. It’s one of the hottest sauces available at Taco Bell. The tangy flavor resembles Frank’s Red Hot, Cholula, and Tabasco.

This hot sauce can be made with fresh or canned tomatoes. If you don’t have access to canned tomatoes, you can use the same amount of tomato paste. Then, add water and vinegar to the mix. Once you’ve made the sauce, you can use it on everything from tacos to burgers and fries.

Another new addition to the Taco Bell menu is a variety of flavors made in packet form. Diablo Tortilla Chips are a great way to get your fix of the spicy sauce. The chips are available in participating 7-Elevens and will be open until the end of November.

Taco Bell Fire Sauce, previously the hottest sauce, is also quite spicy but not as hot as Diablo. It’s not as spicy, but it still packs a punch. The Fire sauce is a good option for those who don’t like the heat but still want something spicy.

Placement on tacos

In the world of hot sauces, there is no other sauce quite like the Taco Bell Diablo Sauce. With a mix of unique peppers, it can lift your appetite, and it even has the power to leave you tingling for days. This sauce has been gaining popularity since its introduction on Cinco de Mayo, and many are already clamoring for its return.

The sauce is made with aji panca, chipotle, and chili peppers. The packets often include wisdom words. Moe’s Southwest Grill created it in Phoenix, Arizona. Despite its spicy reputation, the sauce should not be drenched in food.


Taco Bell has a variety of sauces available for customers to choose from. Some of them are mild, while others are hot and spicy. The Diablo sauce is one of the spicier options. It is made from a blend of different peppers, including aji panca, chipotle, and chili. While Diablo is not one of Taco Bell’s best sauces, it is undoubtedly one of the hottest options. The sauce is similar to those made by Tabasco, Frank’s Red Hot, and Cholula, but it’s much more intense.

The sauce begins with a smoky tomato flavor, then builds up to a crescendo of heat. While the heat lasts a long time, it does not feel overpowering. It cradles the mouth while offering just enough spiciness to satisfy it.

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