Rusty Taco – How Many Rusty Taco Locations Are There?

Rusty Taco – How Many Rusty Taco Locations Are There? Ingredients

Originally, Rusty Taco had only one location. The name was chosen to reflect its family heritage and Fenton’s vision of a blue jeans-inspired gathering place. Now, the brand has more than 20 locations nationwide. Founded in 2010, Rusty Taco serves a variety of tacos and margaritas.

Rusty Taco opened its first location in 2010

Rusty Taco is a fast-casual restaurant that offers street-style tacos and fresh ingredients. The company also provides margaritas, beer, and other drinks. The flavors of Mexico inspire its Margaritas. It serves margaritas made with fresh lime juice and tequila. Its menu also includes breakfast items and queso.

The first location was in Dallas, Texas. Today, the chain has 27 locations in six states. Rusty Taco is part of the national restaurant chain Inspire Brands, which operates 27 locations across the United States. The company is privately-held, but some franchised locations across the nation exist.

Rusty Taco was started by Rusty Fenton and his wife, Denise Fenton, who traveled to Mexico to find the right ingredients for their tacos. In 2010, they opened the first location of Rusty Taco in Dallas. During the first year of business, the restaurant developed a loyal following of urban professionals. Since then, the restaurant has added seven locations and three markets.

Rusty Taco is a high-margin business. Rusty Taco’s franchise fees range from $531,900 to $897,450. These fees include one-time franchisee fees and food and beverage franchisee unit costs.

It has a fully functional bar inside.

Rusty Taco is a Mexican restaurant specializing in street-style tacos with a family-friendly “Margaritaville” atmosphere. The restaurant will feature a fully functional bar inside and offers a variety of margaritas and other drinks to complement the food. The restaurant also offers a full menu of sides and desserts like churros.

Rusty Taco focuses on making all of its ingredients. Every item on the menu, except tortillas, is prepared from scratch. The restaurant maintains a casual, fast-paced ambiance, and orders are processed and configured right in the kitchen. Customers can then pick up their orders at the counter.

The restaurant’s owners wanted to create an atmosphere that would appeal to people of all ages. They wanted to offer authentic, affordable tacos and a welcoming atmosphere. In addition, the owners wanted to provide great margaritas. The two opened the restaurant a year ago and look forward to seeing it blossom in the coming years.

Rusty Taco is a full-service restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating. The restaurant also has a fully functional bar where guests can enjoy their signature margaritas. The brand offers a variety of options for margaritas, including margaritas made on the rocks.

It specializes in street-style tacos and margaritas.

In addition to the acclaimed street-style tacos, Rusty Taco serves up margaritas and other drinks. The menu features street-style tacos made with Baja shrimp, brisket, fried chicken, and other unique ingredients. The restaurant also offers its signature queso and guacamole. It has a full bar at its Virginia Street location.

Rusty Taco recently opened a location in Dubuque, Iowa. Its first week saw record-breaking sales. The company also announced plans to open three more locations in Kansas, Virginia, and San Antonio, Texas. This will bring the chain’s total store count to 39. The company is owned by Inspire Brands, which also operates Buffalo Wild Wings and Arby’s.

Rusty Taco will open its first San Antonio location in late summer. The Dallas-based chain operates 32 locations across Texas and is known for its street-style tacos. The new site will serve breakfast tacos and have a large outdoor patio.

The Rusty Taco is a fast-casual taco bar that serves different margaritas. It also offers a full bar and twelve beers on tap. The restaurant features a happy hour Monday-Friday with discounted food and drinks. The menu includes street-style tacos and TexMex favorites like brisket and fried chicken tacos.

It is a franchise

Rusty Taco is a fast-casual Mexican restaurant franchise that offers high support and assistance to its franchisees. This includes national purchasing programs, pre-approved suppliers, ongoing brand standard reviews, business growth consultants, and community engagement strategies. Franchisees pay an initial franchise fee that covers start-up and operating costs. Rusty Taco also provides ongoing support and training for franchisees and provides resources, manuals, and accessible information.

Rusty Taco offers a street taco-inspired menu with fresh ingredients. Customers can order anything from tacos to margaritas, and each item is reasonably priced. In addition to its affordable menu, Rusty Taco strives to create a welcoming atmosphere for patrons. The menu is unpretentious and affordable, and customers will enjoy the service and atmosphere.

Rusty Taco is a fast-casual chain with 36 locations across the United States. The restaurant concept was launched in 2010 by Rusty Fenton and his wife, Denise. The founders were avid travelers and food lovers and wanted to share their passion for the dish. After eating a taco for the first time in Acapulco, Rusty and his wife were inspired to open a Rusty Taco restaurant.

The Rusty Taco brand is rapidly expanding throughout the United States. The cost to open a Rusty Taco franchise varies, but the average investment ranges from $52,425 to $782,540. In addition to the initial franchise fee, franchisees will have to pay a development fee equal to 100 percent of the initial restaurant fee ($25,000) and 50 percent of the second Restaurant franchise fee.

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