How to Make Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists

How to Make Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists Best Recipes

The Cinnamon Twist is a delicious treat from Taco Bell, and it is inspired by the traditional Mexican joy Duros de harina. Duros are dough balls made of cornmeal, wheat flour, and cornstarch that swell when cooked in hot oil. They can come in various shapes, including spirals similar to rotini. Most Duros is a little saltier than Taco Bell’s version, so the company adapted a recipe that would appeal to American palates.

Duros de harina

Duros de harina is similar to rotini noodles, but they’re much softer and puffed up when fried. They are made from wheat flour, cornstarch, salt, and baking soda. This combination expands Duros when cooked in hot oil, unlike regular rotini, which won’t. Duros are also often coated in sugar and cinnamon. In short, duros are the perfect snack for a Mexican meal.

These Mexican snacks can be prepared quickly and easily. They’re delicious and fun to serve with your friends and family. If you want to make the cinnamon twists extra festive, sprinkle them with Tajin Seasoning, a mixture of lime, chili peppers, and other spices. Alternatively, you can drizzle them with fresh lime juice. Duros de harina can be bought in either large or small sizes and come with various delicious dips.

Duros de harina are a popular Mexican snack. They’re made from puffed wheat, often flavored with lemon or chili. They’re crispy and light, similar to chicharrones. Some varieties use whole wheat flour, which gives them a darker color and more nutritional value.

Cinnamon Twists are a popular dessert at Taco Bell and can be prepared at home. These light, crunchy treats are a great addition to a movie night or family gathering. And since they’re inexpensive and easy to make, they make an ideal snack for movie nights.

Wheat flour

This recipe is based on a secret recipe from a Taco Bell employee’s mom, but it’s a far cry from the real thing. The recipe calls for wheat flour, yellow cornmeal, rice flour, and salt. You can find duros in Mexican specialty stores. They puff up when cooked, making them ideal for tacos.

Duros is a popular pasta substitute for wheat flour. It provides a puffy texture and cooks in just 15 seconds. It is essential to monitor the cooking time and work in small batches to prevent overcooking. If you do use wheat flour, be sure to add the sugar after you fry the duros.

Taco Bell uses a unique wheat twist to make its cinnamon twists. The flour for these Tex-Mex treats is available at Mexican markets and on Amazon. The wrenches have a distinct flavor with a slightly savory undertone. It would help if you used a deep fryer to make a large batch. However, if you’re only planning to make a small batch, you can use a pot and fry them on the stove. Using a stovetop, you’ll only need a small amount of oil for one set.

The recipe also uses rotini pasta. However, you should avoid using regular wheat pasta in this recipe because it won’t be as crispy. If you’re worried about wheat allergies, you can purchase rotini pasta at Latin grocery stores and buy it on Etsy or Amazon.

While cinnamon twists are technically not vegan, they are gluten-free and vegetarian. Many people confuse them with churros, crunchy treats dusted with cinnamon sugar.


Cinnamon twists are a delicious dessert inspired by Mexican Duros, a traditional food that consists of a mixture of cornstarch and wheat flour that puffs up when fried. These doughy treats are available online or in a Mexican grocery store. They are best prepared with granulated sugar rather than brown, as the brown sugar will stick to the fried duros.

The secret to making these fluffy and crunchy cinnamon twists is simple:

  1. Use a frying pan.
  2. Heat a deep, heavy-bottomed pan to 350 degrees and fry your dough.
  3. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. The dough will puff up in about 15 seconds.
  4. Once the dough is done, remove the dough from the heat.

If you like the cinnamon twists from Taco Bell, you may wonder how to make them at home. The truth is, it’s straightforward to create these delicious cinnamon snacks at home. These tasty treats are delicious and quick snacks that kids love! And because they’re easy to make, you won’t need to shell out a fortune for them.

Cinnamon twists are made with Duro’s wheat pasta, which puffs up into a spiral shape when cooked. One serving has 170 calories and six grams of fat. The pasta is also low in carbohydrates. You can make them in a pot or a deep fryer. The deep fryer is best for larger batches, but a smaller bunch only requires a small amount of oil.


Cinnamon Twists are a popular Taco Bell snack that looks like giant puffs of rotini pasta. These snacks are made from a special ingredient known as Duros, a blend of cornstarch, wheat flour, and salt. The dough expands when placed in hot oil, and they take on the shape of spirals similar to rotini. Most Duros are made from cornmeal, but the one used by Taco Bell is made of wheat flour. Chili is often added to the dough to enhance the flavor.

The twists are similar to the ones at Taco Bell but are not as greasy. These delicious snacks are great for kids and are straightforward to make. They’re also economical, which makes them an excellent addition to a movie night. You can purchase these twists at your local Mexican market, or you can also order them online.

Cinnamon twists are deep-fried snacks that can be made at home. You’ll need a deep-fryer and some Duros or noodle-like pasta to drive them home. You can buy duros at most Hispanic markets or order them on Amazon.

Cinnamon twists are delicious and easy to make. You can also use them for other recipes. If you’re making a dessert, cinnamon twists can be used as a crunchy coating for fried ice cream. These crunchy treats are a great way to eat desserts without the guilt of calories.

Secret ingredient

The secret ingredient in Taco Bell’s cinnamon twists may surprise you. It isn’t cinnamon. Instead, the cinnamon twists are made from crunchy rice-based noodles. Initially, people might think they are made from pasta, but that’s not the case. The dish is made from noodle dough rolled into a spiral.

This tasty treat is inspired by a Mexican snack called Duros de harina, which is fried dough reminiscent of rotini. The dough swells and expands when cooked in hot oil. These duros are in many shapes, including round, oval, and square-shaped varieties. However, they aren’t widely available in standard supermarkets. Instead, you can try looking for them at a Hispanic grocery store or order them online.

You’ll need a deep fryer to make these cinnamon twists at home. A pot with a large enough capacity will work well, but a deep fryer will yield the best results. One cup of oil should do if you’re making a small batch. Once the oil has reached the correct temperature, add the duros to the pan and let them fry for 15 seconds. Then, sprinkle them liberally with cinnamon and sugar.

Cinnamon twists are a popular snack at Taco Bell. They’re easy to make, inexpensive, and a great treat for kids. They’re also a great addition to movie nights. For the ultimate cinnamon snack, make them at home. You’ll be amazed at how delicious and addictive they are!

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