How Much Is a Taco Man Worth?

How Much Is a Taco Man Worth? Ingredients

Hiring a taco man is one of the best options when planning a party. However, it can be expensive. Here’s what to ask a potential taco man before you hire him. And remember the different food options he can provide.

Food options for a taco-themed event

If you’re planning a taco-themed event, consider the foods you serve to your guests. For a low-cost taco party, do two to three tacos per person. For teens, serve three tacos. Also, remember that tacos are highly customizable, so make sure to offer vegan and dairy-free options.

If you’re hosting an event with various food preferences, try preparing a homemade taco seasoning mix for your guests. You can use it with multiple fillings to keep your menu simple or double the meat for a larger gathering. Also, remember the sides – tacos are better enjoyed with salsa and Mexican rice.

Mexican food can range from tacos to burritos and fajitas. You can also make churros, which are doughnut-like pastries dipped in warm chocolate. Chocolate eclairs are another tasty option for dessert.

Another healthy dish is Mexican-Style Pan Roasted Vegetables and Beans. These dishes can be prepared in advance and reheated before serving. Taquito platters can be made with different flavors and dipping options. Another option is quesadillas, which can be done in easy-to-grab slices.

If you’re throwing a taco-themed event, consider creating a taco bar to serve your guests. This option is simple, fun, and low-cost. Tacos can be prepared ahead of time, meaning the hostess must do most of the work on the big day.

The taco bar can be topped with various toppings. These toppings don’t require much preparation time. It’s best to buy pre-sliced or diced ingredients to make this process easier. Alternatively, you can hire a caterer to make these tacos for your guests.

Whether or not to serve tacos at your party, make sure that the table you choose is accessible to your guests. It should be close to the kitchen, with side dishes and beverages. Consider purchasing a taco-themed tablecloth to decorate the space. Most of these tablecloths are water-resistant so that they can be used for another taco-themed event.

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