How Much Does Nacho Fry Cost at Taco Bell?

How Much Does Nacho Fry Cost at Taco Bell? Ingredients

You’re probably wondering, “How much does nacho fry cost at taco bell?” The truth is that these fries were introduced as a value menu item for $1.29, but Taco Bell still needs to raise their prices once or twice. But luckily for Taco Bell customers, the chain has decided to make the price of Nacho Fries more affordable by running special promotions. For example, Taco Bell Rewards members can get a free order of Nacho Fries with any purchase of $1 or more. In addition, Grubhub users can score free Nacho Fries when they spend $15 or more.


Taco Bell is making the Nacho Fries more affordable. You can now order them for $1.49 as part of a “Nacho Fries Box” that includes a Beefy 5-layer Burrito and a medium fountain drink. For a limited time, you can also get the fries free when you become a Rewards Member. You can use the mobile app to get this deal. The rest of the nation will start to see these fries in stores on March 10.

The Nacho Fries are available at participating Taco Bell restaurants nationwide. Early access is available to Taco Bell Rewards members, who can use their rewards for free Nacho Fries. Those who want to try them out early can do so through the Taco Bell app.

After a brief hiatus in 2018, Nacho Fries have returned to the stores. They were previously only available as reward items on the Taco Bell app. They returned to the menu for a limited time in January and June 2019. The nacho fries were even topped with buffalo chicken. The company also announced a “FriesChallenge” in January 2019 to get fans to develop a new commercial for Nacho Fries. Customers eagerly anticipate the return of Nacho Fries and are asking when they can get them again. And some wonderful online nacho fries recipes already mimic the Taco Bell classic.

Taco Bell has announced the return of Nacho Fries, a fan favorite. These golden fries are coated with bold Mexican spices and served with nacho cheese sauce. They are available for a limited time on March 10. Rewards members can get them early, but they will only be open from 11 am to 1 pm. Those with rewards membership will also receive free Nacho Fries when they spend at least $1 on a meal.

If you crave nachos, you should order Nacho Fries from Taco Bell. The tasty fries contain Mexican-inspired spices and a warm cup of nacho cheese. The Nacho Fries will be an excellent choice for a hearty side dish and a great alternative to regular french fries.

Available in a box

The available in a Box at Taco Bell menu is an excellent choice if you want fast food on a budget. It has a variety of items for just five dollars, making it one of the best fast-food deals. Taco Bell is also constantly changing the box’s contents, so you can always find something you love!

The Crave Box is one of the new items on the menu. This new offering was only available for a few months in 2019, but people seemed to love it, so it was recently made available nationwide. If you want to experience the new menu, order a box for $5.

In addition to the new taco menu, the company has a new marketing campaign. It uses famous and influential fans of the brand to promote the latest offerings. It features actors like Noah Centineo, TikTok influencer Nava Rose, and K-Pop star CL. It also features a Drag Queen named Onyx Black. However, beware: these celebrities don’t reveal their orders. The Taco Bell social media campaign is intended to promote the restaurant’s new menu items and encourage consumers to be proud of their unique taste.

Taco Bell has also introduced a new menu item that lets you create your custom meal. The new option is called “Build Your Own Cravings Box” and can be accessed via its app. Customers who use the Taco Bell Rewards beta loyalty program can use the app to use the feature for free. The new menu item is also available for regular customers through Taco Bell’s website.

The new Cravings Box from Taco Bell comes with a starter, a specialty menu item, a side, and a drink. The box costs $5 and includes a medium fountain drink. Customers can also enjoy a free taco when ordering through the drive-through.


Nacho fries are popular appetizers at restaurants. However, you can easily prepare them at home. You can prepare them in an air fryer or bake them in a sheet pan. The fries should be cooked until soft. They should be stirred frequently to avoid sticking. Then, remove the fries from the pan and place them on a wire rack. Repeat the process with the remaining fries. Meanwhile, prepare the nacho cheese sauce.

The ingredients for Taco Bell nacho fries are easy to find. You can purchase a pack of Taco Bell seasonings and mix them with water. You can also buy extra crispy fast food fries at your local grocery store. To prepare the fries, you should follow the instructions on the package.

You can choose from different potatoes when you make your nacho fries at home. If you don’t like russet potatoes, you can substitute red potatoes. Sweet potatoes are also an option. You can also use 2% or whole milk to replace the heavy cream. Moreover, you can opt for thick-cut potatoes.

To make nacho fries at home, you must soak the potatoes first. This helps the starch to break down and makes the fries crisper. If you need more time to wash the potatoes, you can skip this step and chop them. You should soak the potatoes for at least 20 minutes in hot water.

You can make nacho cheese fries home in just 20 to 25 minutes. After that, you need to make the nacho cheese dip. Once it is ready, serve the fries hot or warm. If you prefer the original, you can reorder them at Taco Bell. So, the nacho cheese fries will be on the menu in March 2022. There’s a little time to wait, as the chain is constantly experimenting with its menu.

Seasonings on nacho fries at Tasco Bell vary. For instance, some chips are served with nacho sauce and taco bell beef. Others are covered with nacho cheese sauce and topped with chopped avocado or tomatoes.


Nacho fries at Taco Bell are not new. But in 2017, the chain introduced a new dish to test its taste. The chain began testing nacho fries in Irvine, California, with a habanero seasoning. The nacho fries cost 50 cents and went up to 75 cents with nacho cheese sauce. It was a hit with customers.

Nacho fries can be topped with nacho sauce, taco bell beef, and spicy mayo. You can add other ingredients, such as tomatoes, avocados, cilantro leaves, and crumbled cotija cheese. These toppings make nacho fries unique and delicious.

When Taco Bell introduced Nacho Fries last year, they were one of the most popular new items on the menu. However, they’ve appeared and disappeared from the menu several times since then. This has led some people to think they’re a McRib-style marketing stunt. They have also been rumored to need help keeping them in stock.

Taco Bell doesn’t release the ingredients of its nacho fries, but some vegans have claimed they are vegan. Since they use vegetable oil, they are likely vegan. However, you should check with your local taco bell for a complete list of ingredients. You can make your nacho fries in about 30 minutes.

Taco Bell’s nacho fries are made with a blend of spices and seasonings, which give them their distinct flavor. They’re also made with potatoes, vegetable oil, and salt. They also contain chili pepper, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika.

Taco Bell’s nacho fries contain 630 milligrams of sodium and are high in fat. The nacho cheese sauce contributes to this high level of sodium. It also includes a hefty amount of salt. Nacho fries at Taco Bell contain a total of 48g of fat.

You only need some vegetable oil and a large pot to make nacho fries at home. Once the oil is hot, start cooking the fries. Then, add sour cream and tomatoes.

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